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Bolton’s Fund Grants Awarded


Bolton's Fund recognises the amazing community action that is taking place across Bolton and we are here to help and support this.

Have a look which projects were awarded grants as part of the Bolton's Fund programme. 


Round 1 - Children Getting the Best Start In Life - Funded Projects 

Round 2 - Strong and Cohesive Communities - Funded Projects

Round 3 - COVID-19 Resilience - Funded Projects

Round 4 - Digital Inclusion - Funded Projects

Round 5 - Supporting Social Enterprise - Funded Projects

Round 6 - Covid-19 Engagement Grant - Funded Projects 

Round 7 - Emergency Food and Essentials - Funded Projects

Round 8 - Health and Wellbeing - Funded Projects (small) Funded Projects (Large)  

Round 9 - Children Getting The Best Start In Life - Funded Projects (small)Funded Projects (Large)

Round 10 - Festive Fund - Funded Projects

Round 11 - Climate Change - Funded Projects