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Mon, 01/06/2009
The latest Mental Capacity Act Update is now available by clicking here. 
Mon, 01/06/2009
The new Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) began in April 2009 and is currently being implemented across England, but what does it mean for the...
Thu, 14/05/2009
Do you want to learn more about how human rights can support your work, invigorate your messages and empower the people and communities you work with...
Thu, 14/05/2009
The Government has created a £1 billion Future Jobs Fund to which local authorities and other organisations, including voluntary and community groups...
Thu, 14/05/2009
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched the first stage of its new £10 million 'Strategic Funding Programme', providing three-year...
Wed, 13/05/2009
The Department of Health has produced new guidance to support third sector groups with planning for Pandemic Flu.
Fri, 08/05/2009
Councils & communities can call a new advice line 0845 345 4564 for help with recycling local buildings.
Wed, 06/05/2009
A new climate fund has been set up, right here in the Northwest.
Thu, 30/04/2009
A new approach to Area Forums is really showing benefits! Last year a total of 2,162 people attended the revamped Forums and had their say about...
Tue, 28/04/2009
This interim statement identifies the key issues for the workforce as set out in Putting People First and goes on to develop these into broader,...
Thu, 23/04/2009
Here is a round-up of Budget news that's relevant to Voluntary and Community Sector groups.  A New Hardship Fund