Volunteer Centre Bolton

Changing peoples lives through volunteering

Do you want to learn more about volunteering and the opportunities available in Bolton? Are you confused about where to begin and the first steps to take? Contact our team of friendly staff & volunteers at Bolton's Volunteer Centre and allow us to introduce you to volunteering.

What is the Volunteer Centre?

The Volunteer Centre supports and promotes volunteering across the borough of Bolton and we work with individuals who wish to volunteer and also with groups and organisations that involve volunteers.  Our service is aimed at supporting the Public, Private, Voluntary and Community sectors.

We are a member of NCVO and have gained accreditation for our five core functions:- 

1. Strategic Development of Volunteering - strategic approach to the development of volunteering needs and the existing practices of local volunteer involving organisations and we are actively involved in relevant networks.

2. Good Practice Development - promoting good practice in working with volunteers and to all volunteer involving organisations.

3. Developing Volunteering Opportunities - we work in close partnership with the voluntary and community sector, statutory and private sector to develop volunteering.

4. Voice of Volunteering - through the Volunteer Centre's activities there is an increased awareness of the issues impacting on volunteering.

5. Brokerage - we signpost individuals to voluntary opportunities that are of interest to them. 

Find out more about  Volunteer Centre Bolton, our work and how you can get involved:


Our Volunteer Centre team is:

  • Volunteer Centre Co-ordinator - Heather Potter
  • Volunteering Support Worker - Shahenaz Patel
  • Our Volunteers are currently - Yashika Chawla, Tony Foster, Alison Swindells, Tommy Taylor and Terence Warburton.

Email: admin@boltonvolunteering.org.uk Website: www.do-it.org Telephone: 01204 546060

Our opening hours are Monday - Friday from 9.30am - 4.30pm.