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Mental Health

   Branching Out

Asset Based Community development is an    approach that supports communities to identify  what they already have available to them locally.  ‘Branching Out’ is a unique workshop which helps    a group to focus on the positive assets in their  community.

 By using an interactive mapping tool we help  groups to identify the assets which are unique to  them and their community with a view to improving  mental health and wellbeing.

Once the assets have  been identified we look at ways of sharing them  within the group, planning for goals and changes  that will help maintain or improve the groups’ 
mental health and wellbeing.  We then encourage the group to focus on the 5 ways to wellbeing with a view to identifying ways of building and strengthening what already exists.

The workshop takes around 2 hours of your time but will be delivered free at a time convenient to you.

   Upsy Downsy

Upsy Downsy is a workshop that encourages participants   to developskills and knowledge that will lead to improved   positive mental health and social wellbeing. The board game is an interactive way of supporting people to identify an action plan that is  personal to them.  

The engagement workers then follow  the workshop up   by reminding participants of their action  plan/pledges 6 weeks later.

This was developed based on strong evidence based research that identifies, people are far more likely to achieve personal goals if  they write their ideas down and even more likely to achieve success if they tell s
omeone else of their intentions.

   Upsy Ducksy

Upsy Ducksy is a new edition to the community engagement brief advice resource tool kit, the game was designed to educate participants around   the five ways to wellbeing at community events.  

'Upsy Ducksy’ gives us the opp
ortunity to start a discussion about the five ways in an interactive and fun way.

Participants are asked to hook a duck, each duck has one of the five ways to wellbeing written on its undercarriage. We then start a conversation with the participant about ‘that’ particular way to wellbeing, what it implies and what they might do that could improve their mentalhealth and social wellbeing.

Upsy Downsy and Upsy Ducksy is only part of the Healthy Heads project which offers a fully funded wellbeing improvement programme of free events for schools, workplaces and community groups. For more information on Healthy Heads please email jayne.wood@bolton.nhs.uk

If you are interested in taking part in this workshop please contact Farzana on 01204 546040 or email: farzana@boltoncvs.org.uk