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Today is Holocaust Memorial Day

Today marks 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. On Holocaust Memorial Day we stand together to remember millions of people who were stripped of their humanity and murdered by the Nazis simply because of their identity. 
After the Holocaust, the international community adopted a legal definition of the crime of ‘genocide’ to make sure that never again would the crimes of the Holocaust be allowed to happen. In the years following the Holocaust, genocide has continued to be carried out. On Holocaust Memorial Day we also remember all those who were murdered or affected by the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

In Bolton, schools, community organisations and civic leaders will be coming together to remember at a Memorial Day Service tomorrow, Tuesday 28th.
Come and #StandTogether to remember that behind each number is an individual:

                                                      Agnes Fosh, born on 30th May 1881 was murdered by the Nazis for being a disabled person. 

Working here at Bolton CVS we’ve just finished administering this year’s Hate Crime grants for community groups working in Bolton to end Hate Crime. International Holocaust Memorial day reminds us how important this work is.

“Don’t be content in your life just to do no wrong, be prepared every day to try and do some good”  Sir Nicholas Winton, who rescued 669 children from Nazi-occupied Europe