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Welcome to The BIG Bolton Fund

The BIG Bolton Fund is a CVS project to build a grants fund for community groups in Bolton. These grants will help local organisations deliver projects that make such a difference to the lives of people in the town.

As grant givers with over 20 years experience we know how difficult it is for charities and voluntary groups to find funding, especially at this time of financial cutbacks. We are committed to promoting the value of the work done by local groups and increasing sustainable funds available to them.

              Harwood & Bradshaw Writers bought equipment so they could perform in local sheltered accomodation                               Ghosia Youth Voice held weekly cricket training during the school holidays                   
We are doing this by working in partnership with Bolton Council and NHS Bolton to provide grants and encouraging others to provide funds for immediate impact grants. Also we are building our own fund which will provide an income for grants every year forever.

There are many ways you can support our aim. Please have a look around the BIG Bolton Fund pages listed on the left to find out how and to see some of the many good things that small grants are enabling in Bolton.

If you are a member of a community or voluntary group and think you may be eligible for a grant visit The BIG Bolton Fund Grants