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Central Social and Recreational Trust

Grants are available for sports clubs and organisations in England to provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation for the benefit of disadvantaged children who are under the age of 21 years.Grants will generally be no more than £1,000 although the Trustees will consider applications above this figure in exceptional circumstances.

Applications may be submitted at any time. Application forms are available to complete online at the Trust's website.

Boost Charitable Trust

Boost Charitable Trust was created in 2005 to Build On Over-looked Sporting Talent (BOOST) and to champion the disabled and disadvantaged, inspiring them to overcome their challenges through the power of sport. Small grants are available to charities and non-profit making organisations with a focus on helping disabled and disadvantaged individuals in the UK to participate in sport.

The Trust aims to give opportunities to those who wish to fulfil their sporting ambitions, at any level, and provides grants to organisations that support disabled or disadvantaged people to overcome obstacles and take part in sporting activities in the UK. Small grants of up to £750 are available.

For further information, click here

Biffa Award - Recreation

The Biffa Award Recreation theme provides grants to support projects that will benefit people within their free time who are living in communities within five miles of a significant Biffa Group Ltd operation or within 10 miles of an active Biffa Landfill site in England or Northern Ireland. Grants of £10,000 to £75,000 are available.

Applications will be accepted from not-for-profit organisations in England and Northern Ireland. Applicants must:
• Be applying for a project site located within five miles of a significant Biffa operation or 10 miles of an active Biffa Landfill site.
• Be applying for a project site located within 10 miles of any landfill site (not necessarily owned by Biffa Group Limited) in England and Northern Ireland.
• Be eligible for enrolment and registration with the scheme's regulator ENTRUST.
• Have a project site open for a minimum of 104 days of full public access to the project per year.
• Own the project site or have signed a lease agreement with the landowner of more than 10 years.

Applicants should check their project location's eligibility using Biffa Awards Postcode Checker, which can be found on the Biffa Award's website. For further information, click here

Rugby League World Cup 2021 Capital Grants Programme

Grants are available for organisations that are developing Rugby League activity in England for investing in facilities and equipment that create environments that are accessible, welcoming and build a legacy of the Rugby League World Cup 2021 in local communities.

The RLWC21 Capital Grants Programme has four key objectives:
• Engagement: Encouraging more people from a range of different backgrounds to engage with Rugby League, both through playing and volunteering. Creating positive, accessible and inclusive environments and increase the opportunities to take part.
• Reach: Investing in opportunities that reach different audiences and address barriers to engaging in the sport.
• Community: Recognising the role and value of Rugby League activity in the community and supporting the delivery of wider benefits such as community cohesion, civic pride and social development.
• Lasting: Delivering a lasting legacy that will provide opportunities for engagement in the sport now, that will continue to be deliverable in the future.

There are two levels of funding available:
• Small-scale awards of up to £15,000.
• Large-scale awards of over £15,000.

Applications can be submitted at any time before the Programme closes on 23 October 2021. Decisions on small-scale awards are made every 12 weeks. For large-scale awards there is a two-stage application process. Guidance notes and the application forms are available on the RLWC2021 website.

Football Foundation - Small Scale Capital Funding

Grants are available for the provision of capital items, or to refurbish/improve existing football facilities in England.The funding is intended for smaller capital projects that help to support grassroots football in England, improving the experience of playing football for everyone involved. Clubs looking for funding for large scale projects should consider getting involved with delivering the “Local Football Facility Plan” for their area. The Local Football Facilities Plans were developed by the Football Foundation in partnership with The FA and local authorities and communities. The plans map out the football facilities needed across every local authority area in England. Further information is available on the website of the Football Foundation.

Grants of up to £50,000 can be awarded. Applications are accepted at any time. The application process is available online at the Foundation's website


Funding for Sport and Education Projects Benefitting Disadvantaged Children and Young People

Registered charities, charitable incorporated organisations, schools and further education colleges, as well as NHS Trusts can apply for grants. Although organisations from across the UK are eligible to apply, priority will be given to organisations based in and/or working in the South West of England.

Funding (there is no set minimum or maximum grant) will be awarded for activities that achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Enabling individuals to experience the mental and physical health benefits of participatory sport.
  • Ensuring participatory sport is accessible (accessibility includes affordability).
  • Providing sporting or educational activities that foster life skills.
  • Aiming to improve academic engagement and attainment.
  • Encouraging the development of skills and personal attributes to aid future employability.

The following types of activities are eligible:

  • One-off, time-limited (less than six months) projects or events.
  • Training for staff/volunteers.
  • Residential activities.
  • Events.
  • Purchase of specific items.

The majority of those benefiting from the project/using the items must be from the target group, which are those under the age of 18, and living with a mental health problem, physical disability, or growing up in poverty.

Applications are accepted at any time. For more information, click here.