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Covid-19 Vaccine Webinar - Know the Truth

Mon, 15/02/2021

What to do if you’ve not yet had your vaccination – and are either 70 and over or on the shielded list

The majority of people aged 70 and over or on the Shielded Patients List in Bolton should have now had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Everyone we have contact details for should have been contacted for an appointment.

However, to ensure that nobody is left behind, we are now asking people aged 70 and over, plus clinically extremely vulnerable adults on the Shielded Patients List, to come forward and make an appointment if they haven’t already done so.

You are advised to use the National Booking System to book an appointment without needing a letter. Members of the public not in the aforementioned groups will still need to wait to be contacted (anyone under 70).

Only people in the specified groups should make an appointment at this stage, by visiting: www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination

Appointments booked in this way will be made for the pharmacy-led site – Hootons Pharmacy at the Bolton Wanderers – or another large vaccination centre or pharmacy-led site in the region, such as the Etihad Centre.

You can, if you prefer, wait to be contacted again by your GP practice or contact them directly for a vaccination appointment.

If you’re unable to use the national booking website, please call 119 free of charge, anytime between 7am and 11pm seven days a week

If you’re not registered with a GP, we would advise you to do this via the NHS website; no proof of address or immigration status is needed.

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