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We Were Built for This Report - by Locality

Mon, 07/09/2020

We Were Built for This report has been created by an organisation called, Locality.  The report is about how community organisations have helped everyone through the Covid-19 crisis and how the local authority and voluntary sector can work together to build a better future. 

Through in-depth research with community groups and local authorities, the report showcases the inspiring ways community groups have helped during the pandemic. 

The key findings are:

• Existing social infrastructure has been vital to the crisis response.
• Well-functioning local systems have emerged in the heat of the crisis.
• The role of community organisations has been strengthened.
• Community organisations have adapted at pace – but need support to meet the challenges of the future.

The committed and agile way communities have responded to the coronavirus crisis points the way to a new future that’s built around community power.  But to be truly transformative, policymakers need to catch up with the innovation that’s happening locally - and help embed it as the “new normal”
as we emerge from the crisis.

So this report sets out three practical ways the Government can create the conditions for community power to flourish at a local level:

Opportunity 1: Support a community-powered economic recovery
  Put communities in charge of local economic development by ring fencing 25% of economic development funding for community-led partnerships.

Opportunity 2: Create collaborative public services that unlock community power
  Support “power partnerships” to develop at a local level through long-term investment in councils and communities. 
  Shift from competitive tendering to community collaboration.

Opportunity 3: Turn community spirit into community power
  Strengthen community powers to lead change locally.

Read the full report.