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Heat-Health Warning provided by Bolton Council

Wed, 24/06/2020

The Met Office have issued a Heat-health Alert level 2 across England, from 9am Wednesday to 9pm Friday.

It is essential we ensure that all communities are safe throughout this time.

The Heatwave Plan for England aims to prepare for, alert people to, and prevent, the major avoidable effects on health during periods of severe heat in England.
It recommends a series of steps to reduce the risks to health from prolonged exposure to severe heat for:
•the NHS, local authorities, social care, and other public agencies
•professionals working with people at risk
•individuals, local communities and voluntary groups

The Heatwave Plan for England is underpinned by the Heat-Health Watch Alert Service commissioned by Public Health England and operated by the Met Office.

The Heatwave Plan for England remains unchanged for 2020, however, additional actions may be needed due to COVID-19.

•have plans in place to be able to check on others safely in advance of the hot weather (i.e. over the phone)
•follow the advice on the PHE resource ‘Coping with heat and COVID-19’
•encourage those who may find it more difficult to cope in hot weather to request help through the volunteer networks, for example, the Royal Voluntary Service website
•advise those at risk that they should continue to seek medical help if they are feeling unwell and that plans are in place to deliver services safely despite COVID-19

The current Heatwave Plan: 

Actions to prevent harm presentation:

Health impacts of hot weather and the Heatwave Plan training presentation:

Coping with heat leaflet:

Coping with heat poster: