State of the Sector 2020

Tue, 28/07/2020

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Help us showcase the work of Bolton’s voluntary and community sector.

Our State of the Sector Survey in 2017 found that there were 1,561 community and voluntary organisations in Bolton, with an estimated income of £137 million. The sector employed the equivalent of 3,000 full time staff and 46,900 volunteers giving 113,500 hours per week, with an estimated value of £102.7 million per year. The survey results increased the understanding of the voluntary sector and the social and economic contribution it makes to Bolton.

The work we do as a sector directly affects the lives of people in Bolton, so it is very important that we know what is happening. We are working on the survey with Salford University and partner organisations across Greater Manchester to enable us to create not just a Greater Manchester wide footprint but insight into each local area to enable us to provide value evidence and insight into both the needs of our sector as well as broader policy and delivery as we move forward.

Launch of State of the Sector:

We are asking a wide range of organisations to take part; large national organisations, small community groups, faith based organisations and tenant’s organisations.

We know how busy you are, so we really do appreciate you giving time to complete the survey. This research will only be useful if enough groups take part to make the response rate significant. This means it is important that as many groups as possible answer. Your answers will be treated in the strictest confidence and not published in a way that identifies your organisation.

How can you take part:

The survey is easy to complete and can be found here.

We will enter all returned questionnaires from any organisation with a turnover of less than £100k per year into a free prize draw to win £1,000 or two runner up prizes of £200 for their organisation. 

For more information regarding the research contact  

How the survey will be used:

We will publish our findings in December 2020 and we will be using the evidence gathered to:

• Ensure that the GMCA / Local Authorities, NHS and CCG, the Police and local businesses are aware of the role of the voluntary and community sector in Greater Manchester.
• Influence policy and decision making as we continue to recover and move forward from the impact of the coronavirus.
• Influence commissioning and funding plans.
• Ensure that decision and policy makers locally and nationally are aware of the impact of recent cuts and public sector reform has had on local groups.
• Help plan the services and activities that 10GM and our partners provide to assist local VCSE groups.