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Bolton Faith Leaders’ Forum

Wed, 15/07/2020

July 2020

To faith communities across the Borough of Bolton

As members of the Bolton Faith Leaders’ Forum, we want to thank the faith communities across Bolton for the ways in which you have adapted and responded to the Coronavirus pandemic. During the period of lockdown, we had to move to holding our prayers and services online and all of us had to experience significant religious festivals without being able to congregate or meet together face to face. 

Despite this, faith groups stepped up to the challenge of continuing to meet and worship whilst at the same time working to care for the most vulnerable and needy in our communities.  We want to acknowledge the hard work you have done and to thank you for being resilient, faithful and committed to your faith and to serving the community.

We are now in a time of transition where some places of worship are able to open for private prayers or public worship; others are choosing, for good reasons, to remain closed for the time being. We want to encourage you to continue in the good work you have been doing in following guidance on social distancing and cleanliness, and to continue to collaborate and support one another as we find ourselves in very different stages of opening our faith community buildings. We all hope and pray that we will not have to go through another lockdown but if that were to happen, we are confident that the goodwill and collaboration demonstrated so far will carry us through whatever we have to face.

May God bless you and the good work you are doing.

Canon Dr Chris Bracegirdle
Chair of Bolton Faith Leaders’ Forum