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Greater Manchester Youth Homelessness Contract

Wed, 12/02/2020

GMCVO is looking to lead a partnership of VCSE organisations to bid to develop and deliver a new model of homelessness prevention for young people in Greater Manchester and is inviting VCSE organisations to register their interest and be kept up to date.

Suggested Tweets (or just RT GMCVO over the next couple of weeks):

Would you be interested in being part of a VCSE-led bid to deliver youth homelessness prevention contract? Find out more here https://www.gmcvo.org.uk/news/greater-manchester-youth-homelessness-contract

GMCVO are looking to lead a partnership of #GMVCSE orgs to bid for a youth homelessness contract. Find out more https://www.gmcvo.org.uk/news/greater-manchester-youth-homelessness-contract

Register your interest in being part of a bid to develop and deliver a youth homelessness prevention programme in GM https://www.gmcvo.org.uk/news/greater-manchester-youth-homelessness-contract