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Car Parking at the Royal Bolton Hospital

Wed, 01/04/2020

Automated number plate recognition (ANPR) has been introduced at all car parks at the Royal Bolton Hospital from Tuesday 31st March 2020. This will enable a fairer payment system.  

There are a number of benefits to the system for patients and visitors ----

• People will not pay for more hours than they need – you pay when you leave.

• Concessions will be retained for instance for blue badge holders, patients at the oncology unit (Churchill Unit), renal unit, and monthly passes.

• It will replace outdated parking machines with new ones that can take notes and change, contactless, chip and pin.

• The new parking machines will be less likely to break down and are easy to use.

• There will be more payment machines, including some indoors, leading to fewer queues.

• It helps prevent people from parking other than in car parks, often causing an obstruction.

• It penalises people who park without paying the correct fee – making it fairer to those people who do pay.

There are no changes to charges for up to four hours (£3), nor to concessions such as free parking for blue badge holders or those attending the Churchill Unit (oncology) or have a baby on the Neonatal Unit. The charge for a monthly pass remains at £25.   The first 30 minutes on site will be free. The charge for up to eight hours goes from £3 now to £5, and for up to 24 hours from £3 to £8.


Car parking at the hospital is overseen by iFM Bolton on behalf of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust. It has an automated number plate recognition system (ANPR) which is provided and managed by ParkingEye.

Phil Webster, Managing Director of iFM Bolton, said: “Charges at Bolton have not changed for some time and the changes that we have made will bring the hospital more in line with other Trusts. Money from the car parking charges goes back into Trust services. There has been no charge to the Trust for the installation of the ANPR system and the much needed new payment kiosks. Above all, the new system will ensure that the car parks are used responsibly and is much fairer – the system will identify people who park without paying the correct fee and who take up spaces that could be used by others.”

ANPR has already been installed at the town’s Diabetes Centre and is in place at a number of NHS and other locations throughout the country.

Further information can be found at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust’s website at www.boltonft.nhs.uk and ParkingEye at www.parkingeye.co.uk


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