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Expressions of Interest invited to form a new VCSE Mental Health Leadership Group

Mon, 14/10/2019

The Greater Manchester VCSE Mental Health Forum is in the process of evolving the way that the VCSE sector works with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and the wider system around mental health.

We have listened to concerns about the existing representative structure and have developed ,what we believe, is a more proactive way of working and are therefore seeking fifteen active leaders to form a new VCSE Mental Health Leadership group which will comprise of one active leader from each locality plus a further five additional leaders representing communities of identity and work being done on a greater Manchester level. We expect that the roles will result in extra work in terms of attending meeting and bringing together colleagues and, in acknowledgement of that, each leader's organisation will receive £1,500 per year as a contribution toward the time used.

We are looking to hear from those who are already operating as a leader in relation to supporting people's mental health within their localities or across Greater Manchester and are particularly interested in hearing from those who feel they are yet to feel that their voices and passion are yet to be fully utilised.

There are two different Expression of Interest forms, one for those looking to become a locality lead and one for those wishing to be considered as system leads. Please check that you are completing the correct form.

If you have any queries about which form would be the most suitable for you to complete or any other questions about the process please contact either simone.spray@42ndstreet.org.uk or stewart.lucas@manchestermind.org

Completed Expression of Interest forms should be forwarded to via e-mail to kat.rado-barnes@gmcvo.org.uk by 9.00am on Monday 4th November 2019.