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Commissioning Conversations 2 - The Framework

Wed, 30/10/2019

Commissioning Conversations 2 - The Framework
Thursday 21st November, 13.30 – 16.30, Manchester, M12 6FZ (Free)

Earlier this year the GM VCSE Leadership Group and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership commissioned a partnership of Bolton CVS, Mind in Greater Manchester, GMCVO and VSNW to ensure that the voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector plays a comprehensive role in commissioning both at a local and Greater Manchester level.

As part of this work in June we held a listening exercise with the VCSE sector about their commissioning experiences. We asked organisations:
• Where commissioning had gone well
• Where it hadn’t gone as well
• What were the challenges and constraints you had experienced in being involved
• What commissioning would look like in an ideal world

Following the feedback received at this event together with that from discussions undertaken with a wide range of commissioners, we have written a consultative draft of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care VCSE Commissioning Framework. Before it is finalised, however, it is essential that VCSE organisations have an opportunity to discuss and comment on the draft document and, to this end, we are holding an event on Thursday 21st November 2019. To book your place, click here.  

If you are unable to attend or cannot get a place but would still like to comment, please contact marie.graham@gmcvo.org.uk who will send the draft framework to you directly.