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GM Spatial Framework Workshop for the VCSE sector

Wed, 23/01/2019

On behalf of the GM Devolution VCSE Reference Group, GMCVO would like to invite you to attend a GM Spatial Framework workshop for the VCSE sector between 9.30am and 12.30pm on Thursday 7th February 2019 at Mustard Tree, 110 Oldham Road, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 6AG. 

Local people are the driving force behind Greater Manchester's success. It's important that you have your say on the future of the place you call home, and help shape its transition into a world-leading city region. GMCA has today launched its consultation at https://www.gmconsult.org/communications-and-engagement-team/gmsf/

Following this consultation, GMCA will review all the responses received and consider how to revise the plan in light of what is said. The current timetable is for a second phase of consultation to take place in autumn 2019, and for a final, agreed plan ready to implement in December 2020.

The workshop will consider in more detail the lines of enquiry of the GMCA consultation and draw up a formal response on behalf of the VCSE sector in GM. The following issues will hopefully be covered in the discussion:


- What do you see as the main threats and opportunities for the VCSE sector as a whole from the proposed Spatial Framework? Why?
- Where are the strengths in the VCSE sector to overcome the threats and capitalise on the opportunities?
- What do you think that VCSE organisations should do immediately, and in the medium / long term as a result of the proposed Spatial Strategy?
- Thinking about your discussion to the second question, what should be done by GMCA (and others) to support the sector to overcome the threats and capitalise on the opportunities?

This workshop will bring together a collective voice from the VCSE sector, but all participants are also encouraged to respond to the online consultation in a personal capacity and on behalf of their organisation.

Please register your interest in having a place at the workshop event, by responding to this email and notifying Karen Conway by Friday 1st February. This is an invitation-only meeting for strategic organisations.