IoD North West Youth Leadership Passport

Fri, 16/11/2018

The IoD North West Leadership Passport is designed to encourage young potential leaders from Greater Manchester’s African diaspora.

Forty young people (aged 16-25) have been hand-picked by their own communities to represent their communities, so the IoD North West Leadership Passport programme will bring together young people from across the African diaspora. It will give them development opportunities and experiences that will help grow their confidence, give them key skills to advance their careers and, over time, support a thriving North West region. 

There will be no more than 60 young people participating in Year 1, of which a maximum of 40 will come from the African diaspora in Greater Manchester and 20 will come from Youth Charter’s programmes.

Any IoD members who wish to attend are very welcome, especially for networking, but also to support the break-out sessions, and in case they might wish to offer the young people paid work experience.

What’s included? 

The IoD North West Leadership Passport will comprise four bespoke events over the year:
- Building your personal brand.
- Politics is important – and why you should get involved.
- Starting up your own business - turning your idea into a business, social
enterprise, charity or project.

- The Big Community Pitch – young people’s ideas for tackling a local problem or opportunity.

In addition, as part of the Leadership Passport, our participants will also have access to relevant IoD (and IoD partners’) events in Manchester and across the North West over the year. 

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