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Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration Programme

Wed, 01/08/2018

The Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration programme focuses on delivering a community intervention for identifying and addressing malnutrition and dehydration in people aged 65 years and over.

The Pilot Programme has been funded by the GM Health and Social Care Partnership and is to be delivered in 5 localities including Bolton. Delivery is based on five key principles:

1. Raising awareness of malnutrition across the community

2. Identifying malnutrition and develop standards of nutritional care, including the

type and level of information and training needed to achieve this consistently

3. Working together across organisational boundaries

4. Personalised care, support and treatment

5. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation and impact of using the paperweight armband ( as a non-medical, nonintrusive tool used to identify and deal with malnutrition for use by carers, volunteers or health and social care professionals to broach the subject of malnutrition).

Malnutrition (meaning poor or bad nutrition) can refer to a range of issues, but for many older people it is characterised by low body weight or weight loss, meaning simply that some older people are not eating well enough to maintain their health and wellbeing. Malnutrition may affect up to 14% of the 65+ population, 93% of those at risk of malnutrition are in the community. Malnutrition and Dehydration in older adults is associated with falls, increased visits to the GP, hospitalisation and higher health and care costs.

For further information on the programme or associated resources including the paperweight armband, nutrition booklet and e-learning resources on malnutrition and dysphagia, please contact:

Nicola Calder

GM Nutrition and Hydration Programme Worker, Bolton


01204 382 411