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Financial support available for stroke survivors

Thu, 04/08/2016

Could one of the stroke survivors in your community benefit from access to a grant from the Stroke Association?

The grant is usually up to £300 for item(s) which will benefit an individual’s recovery. Grants cannot be considered if personal savings amount to more than £4000, but if income and expenditure show a difference of £50 or less they may be eligible. Please feel free to share this information within any relevant news sections or bulletins.

Interested in applying?

Applications must be made for the stroke survivor by a professional working with them because of their stroke. Alternatively, if Stroke Association services are commissioned in your area, our coordinators will manage the grant process and may have other grants to offer. If you would like to learn more or apply for a Life After Stroke Grant on behalf of one of your service users, please get in touch!

This grants programme is closing and will no longer be accepting applications from 31/03/2021.

Email: Grants.External@stroke.org.uk
Call: 0303 3033 100
Visit: stroke.org.uk