Pandemic Flu - New Guidance for Voluntary Groups

Wed, 13/05/2009

The Department of Health has produced new guidance to support third sector groups with planning for Pandemic Flu.

It clarifies what Pandemic Flu is and urges groups to consider what effects pandemic flu may have on the running of the organisation and the impact it may have on service-users. Potentially, some organisations will experience a higher demand for services at a time when staff and volunteers are ill or caring for their families and friends. 

It introduces the concept of "Flu-friends" to care for the sick in case of a swine flu pandemic. A flu friend may help a person in picking up medication and shopping, and support that person back to health.  

Organisations should also consider how to deal with people who want to help during an emergency. The experience from previous pandemics is that people naturally want to help and groups may have specific jobs which they could do. 

The new guidance is here.  

There is also new guidance for faith communities.  

More information about Swine Flu is on our page