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NAVCA Quality Award

Bolton CVS are delighted that we have been re awarded the NAVCA Quality Award.

The NAVCA Quality Award is an externally audited evaluation of the services offered to voluntary and community groups by a local infrastructure organisation.  It demonstrates that we are a leading provider of services in this area.  
The award is assessed against the NAVCA Performance Standards and once awarded, is valid for three years. 

We have outlined below a short explanation of each of the Performance Standards on which we have been assessed and examples of the comments from the NAVCA assessor on our performance.

1.  Development - Bolton CVS supports the identification of needs in the local community and facilitates innovation and improvments in service provision to meet those needs.

'Bolton CVS has a really good understanding of local need and is effective in getting this information in a variety of ways to local charities and groups'.

'Bolton CVS are very good at helping local groups to adapt and improve what they do to make sure they are giving the best possible support to local people'.

'Local public bodies and funders recognise that they benefit greatly by working with Bolton CVS to understand and respond to emerging needs and priorities'.

2.  Support - Bolton CVS supports local voluntary organisations and community groups to fulfil their missions more effectively.

'Bolton CVS provide a very strong learning offer. There is a comprehensive training programme whose development is informed by an annual training needs survey'.

'Bolton charities and groups benefit greatly from the income they are able to access thanks to the CVS. Bolton CVS through their funding support bring in substantial sum of money to the borough'.

'Bolton CVS are extremely good at helping groups to identify their development needs. As a result resources are focused on the support that makes the biggest difference to groups and local people'.

'Bolton CVS's volunteer centre support people to volunteer and helps local groups and charities provide better quality volunteering opportunities and experiences. They were recently awarded the VCQA, demonstrating they provide a high quality and effective service'.

3.  Collaboration - Bolton CVS facilitates effective communication and collaboration amongst local voluntary organisations and community groups and between different sectors. 

'Bolton CVS was called 'the spinal cord of the VCS in Bolton' because of the way they help local groups network and share good practice, skills and knowledge'.

'Bolton CVS are essential to bringing local groups together and are a catalyst for greater partnership working'.

'The Hub is a natural centre of activity and this also encourages local groups to talk to each other'.

'Bolton CVS uses it's communications, including ebulletins and social media, to share knowledge and intelligence.  The Forums are also a key way that local groups get together and share knowledge'.

4.  Influence - Bolton CVS supports local voluntary organisations and community groups to influence policies, plans and practices that have an impact on their organisations and beneficiaries.

'Bolton CVS ensures that local groups can meaningfully engage in local decision making to maximise the benefit decision makers get from community involvement'.

'Bolton CVS is good at identifying and helping local groups, understand the issues that will impact most on the work of local groups'.