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Mutual Aid Advice

What is a mutual aid group?

COVID-19 (coronavirus) mutual aid groups are self-organised groups of people setting up individually to support and help people on their street or in their neighbourhoods.  Members of mutual aid groups are volunteers.

There is no uniform way to develop a group and each group is advised to work in a way which best benefits their community.

You can volunteer to take part in a group whether you are self-isolating or not. Volunteers who are able might perform tasks that self-isolated people can’t do. People who are self-isolating but who feel well enough, can help co-ordinate a group from home. Many groups are organised online, for example through Facebook or WhatsApp.

Please DO NOT volunteer to come into contact with others if you are currently in an at-risk group, at high risk of infection or experiencing symptoms yourself. Follow government and NHS guidance on who should self-isolate.

Read our full document on Mutual Aid Advice.