Monitoring and Publicity Information for Current Grant Holders


Soon after we have paid the grant into your bank account, you will have received a letter from us confirming when the monitoring report will be due. It will usually be a month after the end of your project.

If your project will last for longer than six months then it is likely you will have been asked to complete an interim monitoring report as well as final report.

Copies of the reports can be downloaded below

interim report form
final report form
finance report form

Web based final report form: This form is now live so you can submit your project information to us without posting or emailling it. Just click here.

Monitoring gudiance booklet

We also have a guidance booklet to help you keep on top of your monitoring that you can download from here.



We ask that grant holders use the BIG Bolton Fund logo on any publicity for funded events. These can be downloaded below.

jpeg logo
 gif logo