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Making and Shaping - the creativity of co-design

Hello, I’m Kerry and I’m the Co-Design and Engagement  Co-ordinator at Bolton CVS.  Through the development of the Bolton Locality Plan, stakeholders from across the borough highlighted that involving people in the design and development of services was key to influencing behaviour change and achieving the ambitions of Bolton’s plans for health and social care transformation. 

That’s what I’m doing, in order to lead and develop understanding, knowledge and know-how across sectors around co-design, to turn the ideas into a reality.

Co-design, making and shaping If I could co-design a project I’d bring together people who were interested and invested in the work.

What would it LOOK like?  I’d plan in some creativity, some ‘thinking through making’.  I’d focus on the process, experimenting and developing to create a project made of valuable parts of a shiny bigger whole. It would be current exciting and emerging, we would discuss learning, empathy and optimism. 

How would it FEEL?  Co-design feels bold, creative and connected to people, it inspires solutions that suit communities and outcomes that make change happen.  As Co-design Engagement Coordinator at Bolton CVS I support championing, training, engaging and enabling workforces and volunteer-forces across sectors, across Bolton.

Bolton’s commitment to co-design is framed by the Locality Plan, encourages new thinking and ways of working and will skill and inspire people working towards the Bolton Vision, to create services which enable happy, healthy people.

What would it TASTE like?  Co-design can glean valuable understanding about issues, I heard a lovely analogy this week. We supported a consultation with Age UK volunteers about Social Worker services, facilitating a sensory language, co-design activity.   In response to the above question a participant shared that a High Quality Service would taste like a ‘cuppa tea’ warm, comforting and part of a trusting, friendly interaction.

SHOUT about it!  The monthly Health Care and Wellbeing Forum and Bolton CVS staff were this month briefed on co-design, using national inspirational examples.  We have ambitions to create a bank of excellent Bolton examples of co-design, and create Case Studies with personality!

A MENU of experiences We offer co-design training and have a menu of interactive, engaging and creative training sessions, from 30min briefings to half day sessions.  We can make training bespoke to your organisation and also offer mentoring and brokerage of co-design partnerships.

I’d love to hear about your co-designed initiatives, challenges and ideas?

Email me on kerry@boltoncvs.org.uk