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Volunteering Stories

Volunteering Matters...It's time to say thanks!

This year, with the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic situation we are all facing, we feel it is even more significant to recognise the importance of volunteering. 

Bolton has seen a phenomenal contribution of volunteers and all aspects of volunteering during the Covid-19.  Bolton CVS saw an incredible response to the request for Urgent Response Volunteers with over 650 people signing up to volunteer. As a result, we have been able to support over 500 requests for help including assistance with shopping, utility top-ups and dog-walking.

Have a look at some fantastic stories from volunteers, voluntary groups and the difference they have made.

Over Hulton Community Group applied for Bolton's Fund Covid-19 Resilience Grant to build a website, to help the local community better informed and share any concerns they may have due to Covid-19.  The local residents also took part in 
The "Scare Off Corona" Scarecrow Festival!  Read the full story.    

Listen to what Sharon has been doing as an Urgent Response Volunteer.

Family of Volunteers - read how a whole family have been volunteering and how they have supported the NHS.

Read David's story, the difference volunteering has made to him and how he finds volunteering satisfying.  

Watch Donna telling you about her 'Bag the Bug' idea!

Volunteering has changed Anna’s mind set.

Graham Wood from WAVE Adventure has been telling us how inspirational Tom has been as a volunteer, read the full story.  

Read about the mother and son duo and how volunteering has played a huge role in their life.  

Read a story about sense of satisfaction of a vaccine support volunteer

A story about Making difference as a vaccine support volunteer 

Read a story on 'Little moments, big memories”

An inspiring story Step towards a new normal