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How We Work

Bolton CVS is a proud Living Wage Employer. 
The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 5,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a fair day's pay for a hard day's work.

Do you want to become a Living Wage Employer?  Find out more.  

Here are some organisations who are Living Wage Employers in Bolton:


Bolton CVS operates within a wider framework in terms of our membership of NAVCA and NCVO nationally and our membership of, and involvement with, GMCVO and other local infrastructure organisations across Greater Manchester (GM).

In January 2016 Bolton CVS, along with the other GM local infrastructure organisations, created a new joint venture, called 10GM. 

The purpose of 10GM is to bring partners together to improve:

  • Increase the effectiveness of the VCSE sector in tackling / reducing inequality across the communities of Greater Manchester
  • Equip people and organisations within the sector to increase and demonstrate their impact on the lives of people who live work and study in Greater Manchester
  • Support a strong independent voice for the sector which can shape key areas of policy and decision-making
  • Enhance communication and collaboration within the sector and with public, private and academic sector partners
  • Increase the effectiveness, sustainability and ingenuity of support to the sector in all boroughs

All of Bolton CVS’ work is delivered in the context of observing and maintaining the following quality awards – NAVCA, VCQA – and with reference to the skills, abilities and experiences of our Board of Trustees and senior management team.

Bolton CVS operates within the good practice framework required by our representative body, NAVCA, meeting the following 5 Performance Standards: Development, Support, Liaison, Representation and Strategic Partnership Work.

Volunteer Centre Bolton operates within the requirements of NCVO’s (previously Volunteer England) good practice framework and the specifications of the Volunteer Centre Quality Award (VCQA), which was successfully renewed in February 2016.