Skelton Bounty funding for Lancashire charities

The Skelton Bounty is now open to applications. Applicants can apply from within the geographical County of Lancashire, as it existed in 1934.

The fund supports “Lancashire” charities, particularly favouring:

  • Equipment for organisations supporting the elderly and people with disability and for youth groups
  • Holidays for disadvantaged children and carers

The trustees prefer to make grants of a capital rather than a revenue nature. They are inclined to favour specific capital projects of proven viability rather than making contributions to general expenditure. It is their preferred policy to make relatively modest grants to a wide number of applicants rather than large grants to a small number of applicants.

Grants are only made to legally constituted, registered charities. Grants are not made to individuals. Applications from charities in successive years are not viewed favourably. The Governors do not usually fund large building appeals or revenue expenditure.

Completed applications must be received before 5pm on Monday 20 June 2016. Applications are considered at the annual general meeting in July.

You can find the details and the application form at – go to the funding and grants page.