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Frequently Asked Questions

What is social prescribing?
In Bolton, we have adopted a common definition of social prescribing to be; “the connection of people, services and support to the non-clinical assets in our communities that will improve the health, wellbeing and happiness of residents.”

Is there a cost to the service?
Anyone can access the Community Asset Navigator service for free, however there may be costs associated with the activities or interventions suggested, but full information would be provided on that.

How long can I receive support?
The Community Asset Navigator offer isn’t time limited or restricted, however the focus is to move people on into voluntary and community sector provision, so we don’t anticipate managing long relationships through the team.

How can I refer myself?
The Community Asset Navigator programme will cease accepting referrals from 30th September 2019 

Are Community Navigators medically trained?
The Community Asset Navigators aren’t medically trained, however they will be working with teams across health and social care, particularly the Health Improvement Practitioners and Staying Well team, who’ll be able to connect you to the right help.

Where will my appointment be?
If it is decided that you require or you want an appointment with a Community Asset Navigator, that will be down to you, and usually in a public place at a convenient location or at the Bolton Hub or other centre.

I am a carer and find it hard to leave the house, can you help?
There is availability and flexibility around the individual, so evening and weekend appointments will be available.  The team will also be able to connect you to carers support that is available.

What areas do you cover?
The team will be working with anyone with a Bolton postcode and the service is offered to anyone registered with a GP in the Bolton area, however appointments will only be made within the borough and borough borders.

Contact Information:  To discuss how you and your team can connect to this programme, please contact Lynne Harrison, Community Asset Navigator Co-ordinator on 01204 546 048 or email lynne@boltoncvs.org.uk