Red Riding Hood Pantomime

Event date: 
Wednesday, 19 February 2020 - 7:15pm


Little Red Riding Hood is about to take a basket of goodies to Granny Hood, who lives in a cottage deep in the woods. But first she must avoid The Big Bad Wolf, who has been freed from prison by the property tycoon, Gordon Gazumper. Greedy Gordon, along with his inept henchmen Hammer and Tongs, are terrorising the locals into selling their homes for a knock-down price. Meanwhile, Prince Rupert and his trusty dog Rufus arrive to hunt down the Wolf whilst Barney, the village idiot, causes chaos and confusion wherever he goes and the three pigs, Pinky, Perky and Porky, are busy setting up their construction business. Red reaches her Gran’s cottage only to discover that the Wolf has got there first. What will become of Granny and Red and will the Town Mayor actually help for once?

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