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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are checks against the police national computer to see if a person has any criminal record information against their name.

Under some circumstances, it may be good practice for your staff or volunteers to have a DBS check. It depends on what their role and responsibilities will be.

DBS checks are only one part of the process of assessing someone’s suitability as a staff member or volunteer. If criminal record information is returned, this does not mean that the person cannot volunteer for you. It might mean that they might have to volunteer in a different capacity or with additional support.

If you are looking to volunteer and are worried about your criminal record, or are a group who have questions about volunteers with criminal records, click here to read about our Giving Back in Bolton project.

Levels of DBS check

There are different levels of DBS check, which include:
• Basic
• Standard
• Enhanced
• Enhanced with access to the children and/or adult barring list

You can find a helpful animated guide to DBS Checks here.

Do our staff and volunteers need a DBS check?

You may need to complete a DBS check if the role is a ‘Regulated Activity’ as defined by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Regulated Activity means certain jobs or volunteering roles which involve regular and unsupervised contact with children, young people and adults – such as personal care or therapeutic work, and some other specific roles such as driving and looking after someone’s money.

There are some differences between the guidance for roles working with children and young people and those working with adults.

You can read more about Regulated Activity and the DBS process on the DBS website.

You can also use the DBS eligibility checker to help you assess whether a check is needed, and what level is appropriate.

Where can I get DBS Checks for my group?

Bolton CVS can support Bolton-based organisations to complete their DBS checks through our partner Salford CVS.  We provide you with an application form and check your ID documents, and will pass your completed form on to Salford CVS to process.

Checks cost £61 for paid workers and £16 for volunteers with fees payable to Salford CVS via check or invoice.

If you would like to complete a DBS check or have any questions about the DBS process, please contact us on 01204 546010.


See here for full details of how to apply for a DBS check through Bolton CVS.