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Dealing with Debt and Debt Awareness

This full day, face to face, session is delivered by Bolton Council's Money Skills team and is aimed at staff and volunteers who work with individuals who need help to manage their debts.

The aim of the session is to enable participants to:- 

  1. Understand the impact being in debt can have on a person’s life
  2. Help someone to budget their money to help them get out of debt (or to avoid falling into debt in the first place)
  3. Know where to go for further help
  4. know how to deal with debts


By the end of the session the participants will understand:

  1. The reasons why people get into debt
  2. What it feels like to be in debt
  3. The importance of preparing a budget planner (or financial statement)
  4. How to prepare a budget planner
  5. How to prioritise between debts
  6. Ways of increasing income and reducing expenditure
  7. Where to go for help
  8. What can happen to those in debt – both on a personal and legal level
  9. How to deal with both priority and non-priority debts
  10. Checking balances
  11. Liability for debts


12th October, 2022 9:30 AM through  3:30 PM
The Bolton Hub,
Bold Street,
Bolton, BL1 1LS
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