Carers Groups Wellbeing Investment Programme

Investment Aims:
This programme is funded by Bolton Council's Department of People and forms part of the Bolton Carers Strategy.

Community organisations who are in touch with adult carers of other adults in their community are invited to apply for an investment of up to £1000 to make a difference to carers lives. This may be enabling carers to have a short respite break, try a new activity or do something that helps them feel better about themselves.  The investment is available to constituted voluntary and community groups based in Bolton and supporting carers living in the Bolton Borough.

We are particularly keen to hear from groups who:

  • are not formal carers groups but are in touch with them through their work, eg. support groups, lunch clubs, social groups, craft groups etc. 

  • haven’t previously had a “Breaks for Carers” grant from Bolton CVS 

  • are working with other groups to complement and enhance their project 

We expect any funded activities to help carers in one or more of the following ways:

  • Carers will recharge their batteries and feel better able to cope with the demands of caring

  • Carers are able meet up with other carers reducing the risk of social isolation due to their caring responsibilities

  • Carers will access information that helps them in their daily lives or introduces them to new opportunities

  • Carers will build networks of friendship for mutual support and problem solving, helping them know they are not alone in their caring role

  • Carers will be able to participate, engage and volunteer in their local community

  • Carers will improve their confidence and self-esteem leading to improved physical or mental health

  • Carers will be more informed about other community assets and existing provision to support in their caring role

Definition of a Carer
Bolton Carers Strategy (2017 - 2020) states that:
“A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a family member or friend who, due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction, cannot cope without their support”

Friday 26th April 2019 5.00pm. 
Groups have 12 months to use the investment.
Successful applicants can expect payment to arrive by Friday 31st May.

Please note that you shouldn't plan to deliver any activities until your grant is confirmed.

How Can I Apply?
All applications must be sumbitted through our online grant application.  

To make an application you need a Bolton CVS website account.

-       If you don’t have one of these yet click here. And fill out the required information

-       If you have already set up an account you will be able to log in to our website using your email and password here. (forgotten your password?)

Once logged in you will see your "User menu" on the left of the screen.  Click online grant applications from the menu and you will go to a page listing all of our online forms.  

Then Click “Carers Wellbeing Investment” to start the form.  

You can save your answers to this form and return to it later. Just log back in to our website again here and access the form via the user menu as described above.  

Once you are happy with the form and submit it, you will be able to view the completed version by pressing “My applications” in the user menu. However you will no longer be able to edit it.  

Please note – to move through the form you have to answer all the questions on each page. 

Support to Apply
If you have any difficulties applying online or have any questions about the form, please contact Bolton CVS on 01204 546010 or email