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Bolton Volunteer Charter

The Bolton Volunteer Charter (BVC) is a recognised pledge that volunteer involving organisations can sign up to, to show their commitment to developing and upholding good practice around all aspects of volunteering.

Once signed, it’s a visual that can be displayed to show staff, volunteers, service users and the wider public that your organisation recognises the value of volunteers and understands the importance of providing them with quality and rewarding experiences. 

The BVC was developed by Bolton CVS in partnership with a large number of organisation across the borough including; Bolton at Home, Ambition for Aging, Fortalice and Bolton Lads and Girls Club.

There are no set criteria for signing up to the BVC and Bolton CVS offer a suite of services, training and support to help you develop, embed and uphold the good practice you are pledging to. 

This can include:


  • Deep Dive Volunteer Health Check; a structured framework to help ensure you have all of the fundamentals of good volunteer management in place. 
  • Good Practice Seminars; monthly sessions where a different topic is discussed and attendees gain support from their peers working within the sector as well as up to date information around good practice, further developing skills and knowledge around volunteer management.
  • Stronger Together Training Courses: Developing a Volunteer Culture workshops and Volunteers Week Project Planning sessions.
  • Specific/tailored support from Bolton CVS development team, for example; you many want support in developing a bespoke volunteer recruitment campaign.

You can see a list of all of the 66 organisations who have already signed up to the BVC.

To arrange to sign up to the BVC or for more information or support on any aspects of volunteer good practice, contact Shahenaz Patel by e-mail on shahenaz@boltoncvs.org.uk.