Great Get Together Grants




In June 2017 and June 2018 communities up and down the country came together on the anniversary of Jo Cox’s death to celebrate all that unites us.

In 2018, Bolton at Home were part of 11 different events across our communities and now we’re planning our next Great Get Together events for 21st – 23rd June 2019.

Small grants 
• 3 Big Grants up to £500 are available. One for each of the new areas in Bolton (West, South and North Bolton).
• Approximately 20 smaller grants for up to £300

Deadline Tuesday 7th May, 12.00noon. Successful applications will receive their grant by Friday 31st May

What kind of Activities will be funded?
It could be a street party, something active like a hula hoop contest, community walk or sports day. It could be a shared barbecue, picnic or a bake off… what matters is that we have fun and bring our communities closer together.

These grants will prioritise activities involving Bolton at Home tenants or activities based in Bolton at Home Estates.

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Great Get Together Grant Application Form    Guidelines


These were the great events held last year
1. Newbury UCAN, Farnworth – open event and get together
2. Fusion, Tonge Moor – afternoon tea
3. Elderdale CC, Breightmet – ‘come and have tea with your neighbours’
4. All Souls Bolton – coffee and craft session
5. Community hat and Chips, Great Lever – Jason Raise the Youth
6. BH and BSCA – Breightmet Get Together
7. Market Place Great Get Together
8. BCOM – Great Get together bake off
9. Johnson Fold – World Cup Get Together
10. Daisy Dell, Deane – World Cup Get Together
11. Sea Cadets, The Haulgh – Great Get Together

Check out last year’s film:
Bolton at Home Great Get Togethers 2018

Manchester Day Parade Sunday 23rd June
Lots of groups organising Great Get Togethers are joining the Parade on Sunday so you may want to think about organising your Get Together on the Friday 21st or  Saturday 22nd so you can join us at the Parade.

Ideas: If you have an idea or would like to be involved in any way, then let us know by emailing us at

Funding applications: funding applications are being administered by Bolton CVS. If you have a Great Get Together funding application please send this to

Help with your application:
If you need help with your funding application, you can contact your Bolton at Home Community Development Officer or one of the grants team at Bolton CVS. 
T: Jane Attfield on 01204 546048  E: