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The Bolton Compact

What Is The Compact?

The Bolton Compact is an agreement between local statutory agencies e.g. Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council, the Police, NHS Bolton, etc, and the Voluntary and Community Sector in Bolton (everything from charities to local self-help groups and sports clubs). The agreement is about how relationships between these organisations should work. The main Compact was agreed in 2001.

Why Have A Compact?

The Compact is a document that describes an agreement between voluntary and community groups and local statutory organisations such as the local authority.
The Compact aims to regulate and improve the way voluntary and community groups and statutory organisations relate to each other and work together.

It is important to have a Compact because:

  • It will have a positive impact on the relationships between voluntary and community groups and statutory organisations.
  • It should lead to greater understanding, openness and accountability.
  • It is an ongoing process of development that will encourage improved communication between voluntary and community groups and statutory organisations.
  • It has clear agreed targets to achieve and a committed group behind it working to see that it actually happens.
  • We now have 4 completed Codes in Bolton which are the Funding Code, Partnership Code, Volunteer Code and Black and Minority Ethnic Code of Good Practice.

The Bolton Community Network Team are working closely with local statutory, community and voluntary agencies to develop the Bolton Compact and associated Codes of Practice.

New Compact Websites

Compact Voice (formerly Compact Working Group) has a new website at www.compactvoice.org.uk. Compact Voice is the representative body for the voluntary and community sector on the Compact bringing you news on their work and ways to get your views raised in government and to the Commission for the Compact.