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Becoming a Trustee

Becoming a Trustee

Charity trustees play an important role in ensuring that the charity is run in the interests of the people it supports. It is a unique volunteer role which helps to oversee the management and administration of any given organisation. In this guide, we’ll be breaking down exactly what a trustee is, why you should become a trustee, and what your first steps should be when considering the role.


What is a trustee?

Trustees are volunteers with big responsibilities. They are ‘guardians of purpose’, and work to ensure a charity is working at its highest capacity to help the people it supports, whether that be through preparing a strategy for the coming year or being responsible for the charities finances.

Being a trustee can span across many aspects of a charity, but their main purpose is as a higher reaching, all-encompassing role in which they provide advice and support to the Chief Executive to help them manage the charity effectively – although it’s not uncommon for trustees to take on more hands-on responsibilities too!


What are the benefits of becoming a trustee?

Almost half of charities are looking for trustees at any time, so you will be filling a vital and very rewarding role within the VCSE sector. You will have a chance to shape the strategic direction of an organisation and make a significant difference to a cause that matters to you while enacting change within your community.

Being a trustee also allows from professional development. It is a great opportunity to gain experience of strategy and leadership, and can help you hit the ground running when it comes to evolving your CV for the next step in your career progression. It can be an incredibly rich source of professional learning, as well as giving you access to a diverse network of like-minded professionals.


Where to start

There are many places you can look to when you’re trying to find a trustee role. You can sign up to our new service, Connections for Good, and offer out your services for charities within Bolton. You can also find the latest trustee vacancies by signing up for Trustees Unlimited.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a trustee before you start your search, we have The Essential Trustee session, a short seminar designed to help understand the role of responsibilities of being a trustee.

You can also email shahenaz@boltoncvs.org.uk to express your interest and find out about the latest opportunities in Bolton.