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Ageing Well - What is The Ambition?

In some ways it seems a good time to age, with medical innovations and the increasing focus on supporting people to age well. In Bolton, The Ambition for Ageing Programme has invested in many new and exciting projects over the last 2 years and has made great strides in better connecting people in local areas. Our Ambition as the lead of this programme with our partners Age UK Bolton and Bolton at Home is to empower local older people to take the lead in their communities and to build on their strengths.

At a Greater Manchester Level the creation of The Ageing Well Hub demonstrates a real commitment to Ageing Well across Greater Manchester in key areas including ambitions around age friendly neighbourhoods, transport improvements and policy developments, but what does Ageing Well really mean?

From work and personal family experience I know that health plays a major role in a person's experience of ageing and that with ageing comes the increased likelihood of complex health problems, loss of close ones and a changing role in society. More than any of this though is the impact of how others treat people when they age - our ambition should be one of challenging perceptions of ageing and maintaining dignity and respect. Our services and communities often treat an older person as if they are somehow no longer an individual with their own desires, wants, needs and a whole set of life experience. Older people can be the cared for and the carer. When an older person becomes the 'cared for' their identify can be forgotten, we need to remember that as we age on the outside we are still the individual inside. Our Super Seniors Short film is being shown at the Light Cinema on the 24th October at 10:15am - if you are able to attend please come along and celebrate some examples of inspiring older women in Bolton who make huge contributions to their communities.

For more information about the Ambition for Ageing programme in Bolton, The Ageing Well Hub or to book onto the Super Senior Film showing contact Yasmin Holgeth yasminholgeth@ageukbolton.org.uk /01204 382114