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Volunteer Development Network

Volunteering Services facilitates the development of good practice in volunteering through learning from the many organisations we work with.

The Volunteer Development Network (VDN) (previously known as the Bolton Volunteer Co-ordinators' Forum) is chaired by Keith Harris from Bolton FM radio station. 

It is a great place to stay updated and share good practice with peers involved in managing and supporting volunteers.  Attending the VDN is also a great way of evidencing your groups commitment to upholding good practice around volunteering if you have signed up to the Bolton Volunteer Charter! 

Future Dates:


- Volunteer Development Network: Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Volunteer Development Network: Tuesday 25th January 2022

- Volunteer Development Network: Tuesday 22nd March 2022

All meetings take place 13.30pm - 3.00pm online via zoom.  

Previous Meetings:

- Volunteer Development Network:  
Tuesday 27th July 2021 - Minutes

- Volunteer Development Network Tuesday 21st September 2021 - Minutes



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