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Bolton CVS Response to Quality Assurance Framework Survey

Building Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester: New  Report and Briefings

Using the findings from the work carried out by Ambition for Ageing delivery leads across Greater Manchester, Ambition for Ageing has released a report, Building Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester and two briefings.

Its great to see some examples of the work they have done in Bolton included in both the report and briefings:

What Makes an Age-friendly Neighbourhood – a general briefing, exploring what older people have told us what makes neighbourhoods age-friendly.

How We Build Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods – a practitioners briefing showcasing age-friendly activities taking place across GM and exploring successes and challenges encountered by the Ambition for Ageing programme.


Let's make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world

There is a new plan for Greater Manchester. It’s called Our People, Our Place.  It has been written by all 10 councils, the Mayor, the NHS, transport, the police and the fire service, with help from businesses, voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, and members of the public.  The plan explains our ambitions for the future of our city-region and the 2.8 million of us who live in the towns, cities, communities and neighbourhoods that make up Greater Manchester.
It covers health, wellbeing, work and jobs, housing, transport, skills, training and economic growth. We believe when we look at these things together we can make real changes.  Click here to read the summary.  


The Impact Homelessness has on Health
An important read to increase our awareness of the impact of homelessness and recommendations of what can be achieved through commissioning and collective responsibility.  Important learning for Local Authorities but also a reminder to all sectors of the impact and of what needs to be considered to achieve the GM Mayor Andy Burnham’s pledge to eradicate rough sleeping in Greater Manchester by 2020.  Read more.