GMCVO Databases - helping your organisation to run smoothly

Tue, 14/02/2012

GMCVO Databases works across the North West providing database services for voluntary organisations.  This includes the ORCA database designed specifically for voluntary sector infrastructure organisations.

With detailed sector expertise and the use of the latest cost-efficient open source technologies we can help:

• Improve your organisation's communication

• Give you instant access to performance information

• Produce an easy-to-use and fully supported system

• Integrate database services, such as training registration, with your public website

• Allow you to take control of where your organisation is going

The services provided include the holistic management of all contacts, e-bulletins, events/training courses, membership, service delivery, grants – all with built-in reporting.

We work with a large number of voluntary sector clients, including local support organisations, arts groups and frontline services.

“Having a system that enables us to have an integrated approach means that we spend less time duplicating effort and more time working with groups.”  Salford Community and Voluntary Services

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