NAVCA Essentials

NAVCA is the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action and they have recently launched a new service called NAVCA Essentials.

Bolton CVS, as a member of NAVCA, would like to tell you about suppliers that may help your organisation to save money on your essential services (Insurance, Telecoms, Energy and HR Support). These suppliers have all been selected by NAVCA because of their charity-centric approach and commitment to quality.

By using these suppliers through NAVCA Essentials, you will be eligible for discounts on certain products and you will also enable us to raise funds directly through the suppliers as an ‘introducer payment’, which we can put back into further supporting you.

Full details here (pdf)

You can find more information or sign up to these suppliers by calling the NAVCA Essentials number on 0114 416 222, emailing the suppliers or visiting their websites.

When signing up for these services please use our Bolton CVS Essentials code, which is BOL13